Nobody Pays Me Much Mind Until I'm Gone

by R. Stevie Moore

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Mike DeRoitr
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Mike DeRoitr What is it, like forty-plus years? But R. Stevie Moore still makes interesting output after all this time. I highly recommend getting the physical tape -- without it you won't fully appreciate the fact that the back half (Side B) is entirely ambient. How many times has R. Stevie gone ambient? Feels like a rare treat. I heard on his Facebook once that he loves "Music For Airports"; you can certainly hear the influence here.
Dave T.
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Dave T. There's nothing more satisfying than R. Stevie Moore except a physical to go along with the music! Every track picked for this release flows by smoothly with some fantastic instrumental crescendos and his voice accentuating the already goofy but ear-grabbing acoustics and recordings. Nobody Pays Me Much Mind Until I'm Gone is a release you listen from start to finish and maybe a food break in between, 'cause it's music you feel is in the room with you. You need to get this pronto~
Deral Fenderson
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Deral Fenderson How can you go wrong with R. Stevie Moore?? It's unpossible!!
  • Limited Edition Cassette - 135 Copies

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    Ltd. Edition BASF Chrome+Plus Cassette - 70 minutes of music - Recorded in Real time - Full color double-sided J-Card - Double Pad Printed Rubine Red Shell

    Tiny Mix Tapes review:

    Tabs Out Top 200 of 2016 #77:

    TinyMixTapes excerpt:
    "...R. Stevie Moore, of course, is a legend in some circles, but to way too many he’s but a shadow, and I’ve sensed a renewed urgency to get his music out there to those who need it this year (peep jspicer’s review of another RSM cassette recently in Cerberus). Nobody Pays Me Much Mind Until I’m Gone, which btw is a title that makes my eyes rain, is so daffy it makes other so-called twisted geniuses seem quaint and gutless in comparison. Heavy on synths that splash across the canvass in bright pinks and blues, NPMMMUIG (a mouthful even as an acronym!) won’t disappoint those of us who already feast on Moore’s moldy mind, and its edges, at least those that reveal themselves on the opening side of this 19-track cassette, become sharp and jagged enough to snag the uneducated ear. That said, the saga on the flipside should be enough on its own to hook newcomers, its new-age grandeur eclipsed only by the underlying smirk that tells us Moore isn’t going to let us off this easy. And even on the ‘calm’ side, you get a cut buttressed by angry mobs and hard-chopped synth that shakes its fist in your ear, as if to warn you: Get ready. Then a mellow-yellow clarinet riff cools calmly like a pie on a windowsill, floating like incense smoke in a sun-sparked room. And that’s all completely contrary to the sick-ass action elsewhere, which employs a much more traditional rock setup (bass, drums, guitars) to go with the glittery synths Moore so treasures..."

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